About Adriel

I would love to tell you that Adriel dreamt about becoming a baker/cake designer since she was a little girl, but it just did not happen that way.  As a matter of fact, her love was for the Culinary Arts. She didn't even have a desire for baking. Okay, we're getting a little ahead of ourselves here.

In order to understand why Adriel McKoy started Sugar & Cream, you'd have to know a bit about her. She was born to Lester and Jacqueline McKoy in Basseterre St. Kitts.  She lived most of her life in the village of Cayon. Adriel left her home in 2007 to pursue her passion for cooking.   She attended Culinary School in NYC, and completed her degree program, graduating with highest honors. She then started looking for jobs in that field.  

She always knew that she wasn't cut out just to be someone's employee and had planned to some day, open a catering business. However, God had a different plan for her life.  He had given her a gift that she didn't even know she possessed. Being a devout Christian, she believed that God prompted her to" Start baking cakes and decorating them".  She did just that and (with no training in baking or cake decorating,) in January of 2012, Sugar & Cream was born.

About Sugar & Cream

All of our cakes are made from scratch. Every cake is unique and is made to the specifications of each client. Sugar & Cream is operated from Adriel's home in Bridgeport, CT and she has aspirations to expand and open a store front very soon. Cakes range from the simple birthday cake to elaborate wedding cakes. We specialize in Novelty Cakes. You know... those eye popping, jaw dropping "THAT'S A CAKE?" type of Cakes! Our cakes will please your palate and turn heads making your event the "talk of the town"